Democratic Palestine 3- May 1984

This is the May 1984 issue of the PFLP English-language publication, “Democratic Palestine,” Number 3.

It contains the following articles:

  • Editorial
  • Two Military Operations in the Heart of the Beast
  • PFLP-DFLP Memo to UN
  • Land, the Central Issue of Zionist Strategy
  • Day of the Land Celebrations
  • Women’s Struggle in Occupied Palestine
  • Hunger Strike in Ashkelon
  • Significance of Aden Meeting – Interview with Comrade George Habash
  • Joint Communique PFLP-DFLP Joint Command, PLF, PCP
  • Political Statement issued by PFLP Central Committee
  • Arafat’s Visit to Cairo – Egyptian Communist View
  • Hunger Strike in Al-Mahatta Prison
  • Statement of the Political Prisoners
  • Defense Committee Appeal
  • Demonstrations in Yarmouk University
  • Sham Elections in the Monarchy’s Parliament
  • Lausanne – The Godfathers Block Secular Democratic Reforms
  • Fascists Regroup
  • South Lebanon – The Confrontation Escalates
  • PFLP Position Paper on the National Democratic Revolution
  • Iran-Iraq Ear
  • Zionist Global Role
  • Bantustans: A Zionist Dream
  • Poem
  • Contemporary Palestinian Art

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