PFLP Bulletin 14 – November-December 1974

This is the November-December 1974 issue of the PFLP English-language publication, the “PFLP Bulletin,” Number 14.

It contains the following articles:

  • PLO’s Locomotive of Retreat
  • The Ghassan Kanafani Operation
  • War or Retreat?
  • Imperialist-Reactionary Aggression Renewed in Oman
  • The 1936-39 Revolt in Palestine: Background, Details and Analysis
  • PFLO Statement: People’s Front for the Liberation of Oman
  • The New Ethiopia and the Eritrean Question
  • Working Class Unity: A Must for Irish Liberation
  • Cabanas: Personification of Mexican Resistance
  • The Legal Basis of Capitulation
  • Baghdad Oil Symposium Urges Cooperation Between Producers, Developing Nations
  • The Wind is Blowing Hot Over the Tenth Hill

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