PFLP Bulletin 19/20 – September-December 1975

This is the September-December 1975 issue of the PFLP English-language publication, the “PFLP Bulletin,” Numbers 19/20.

It contains the following articles:

  • The Present Situation and the Tasks of the Progressive Forces
  • “National Authority” and “Regional Autonomy” – New Zionist Schemes
  • PFLO Forces Repel New Attacks
  • Confessionalism in the Lebanese Constitution
  • Lebanese National Crisis – A Background
  • Sadat, the Sinai Accords – On the Road to Total Capitulation
  • Persecution of People of Jewish Background by Zionism
  • Politics in Command: Dimensions of Economic Development – People’s Democratic Republic of Yemen
  • Rejection Front – Mass Rally
  • Arab Socialist Action Party – Outline Position
  • Messages and Declarations
  • The Re-Ascent of the Right in Portugal and the Hesitancy of the Spanish Left

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