PFLP Bulletin 61 – April 1982

This is the April 1982 issue of the PFLP English-language publication, the “PFLP Bulletin,” Number 61.

It contains the following articles:

  • Events in the occupied territories
  • Editorial
  • Occupied Homeland: Day of the Land, Conference in Acca
  • Current Zionist Settlement Policy
  • Bir Zeit University closed, Palestinian prisoner released
  • Story of a Palestinian under occupation – interview with Salih Baransi
  • Golan Heights General Strike
  • Zionist attack expected in Lebanon – interview with PFLP’s military responsible Abu Ahmad Fuad
  • Martyrs Day
  • Mass rally in Sour
  • March in Allay commemorating Kamal Jumblatt
  • Poem to the Palestinian People
  • Palestinian Communist Party
  • Mass Work
  • International Women’s Day: Interview with Jihan Helou, General Union of Palestinian Women
  • Women Speak
  • PFLP marks Women’s Day – presentation by Comrade George Habash
  • Egypt – interview with Progressive Assembly Party
  • Subversion Against Democratic Yemen
  • PFLP Central Committee Report
  • SWAPO Anniversary

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