PFLP Bulletin – October 1981

This is the October 1981 issue of the PFLP English-language publication, the “PFLP Bulletin,” Number 55. It contains the following articles:

  • Editorial
  • Occupied Palestine: Political Prisoners
  • The Daboya Defendants Trial
  • Former Political Prisoners Speak
  • Solidarity Letter
  • The Case of Ziad Abu Ain
  • Military Operations
  • Voluntary Work
  • West Bank and Gaza Strip: Issues of Patriotic Struggle
  • The Economic Effects of Zionist Aggression
  • Migration and Unemployment
  • International Solidarity with the Palestinian and Lebanese People
  • Repression in Egypt: Another Face of Camp David
  • Imperialism’s Global March of Aggression
  • New Anti-Imperialist Alliance
  • Solidarity with Libya: September First Revolution
  • OPEC Meeting
  • Ethiopia Anniversary Celebration
  • Visit to Democratic Yemen
  • PFLP Greets Bulgaria
  • ANC-South Africa: “Our People Have Acquired New Fearlessness”

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