PFLP Bulletin – Winter 1983

This is a Winter 1983 issue of the PFLP English-language publication, the “PFLP Bulletin,” Number 69. It contains the following articles:

  • Editorial
  • From Beirut to Grenada
  • Comrade Habash: The Crisis – Roots and Solutions
  • PFLP- DFLP: Program for Unity and Democratic Reform in the PLO
  • Occupied Palestine: Old – New Zionist Tactics
  • Comrade Abu Saleh : 54 Years of Struggle
  • Lebanon: The South Resists
  • Why Imperialism Intervened Directly
  • Multinational Forces- NATO Extended
  • War Scars on the Zionist Entity – study part II
  • Democratic Yemen- Anniversary of the October 14th Revolution
  • Interview with Comrade Ali Nasser Mohammad
  • Comrade Habash in Algeria
  • First Official Visit to Hungary
  • Geneva : International Conference on the Question of Palestine
  • Nicaragua: Interview with the Deputy Foreign Minister
  • Interviews with Anti-Zionists; Women Against Occupation
  • Ralph Schoenrnan – No Amnesty for Israel
  • Poem: Slaughter
  • Athens: Never Again Sabra – Shatila
  • Political Declaration
  • Program of Action
  • Sri Lanka: Tamil Nation Attacked
  • Interview with the People’s Liberation Organization of Tamil Eelam
  • Poem: New Diaspora, 1982

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